The PEN is a vast, dynamic and fully compliant operational network providing members with all the resources you need to effectively address all your customer needs and concerns.
The PEN does not enter into direct competition with global consultancy firms, but instead gathers relevant insight and skills to support organisations which do not form part of the global consultancy network.
THE PEN is a true network, operating through an advanced management and compliance system, where each professional member is:
- Highly valued for the skills they bring to the network
- Appropriately remunerated
- Insured against insolvency risk
- Represented in a prestigious location with efficient secretarial and back-office support.


The APP is transforming the way professionals manage their business. It provides a single workspace combining all the features that will ensure the growth of your professional activity, from adaptable set-ups and functional modules to data consolidation and money transactions. It is equipped with modular reporting tools that provide a 360 degree view of the legal activity, allowing decision makers to effectively manage the operational, financial and strategic roadmap.
The APP is a collaborative workspace providing information to the whole network, regardless of the presence or absence of a particular contributor. Cooperation across the network is both safe and productive. Professionals can access their data from anywhere at any time, allowing for accurate and timely responses. By putting your business workflows into action and supporting alignment across the professional team, it improves both capacity and effectiveness, and ensures resources suit the overall business strategy.
What can be measured can then be managed effectively.

The APP has the ability to track end-to-end processes while deploying performance metrics.

This allows for continuous improvement across the professional team.


Membership gives you access to THE PENAPP, developed to manage your business simply and effectively.


'There is strength in numbers'. As a one-man shop, you are often limited by your lack of know-how in specific areas.
The most prestigious and best-structured firms can correspond with others across the world and make use of the benefits of globalisation without the burden of excessive costs.
The conformity guarantee is designed to meet your professional standards, allowing for customer exclusivity and appropriate retributions. Billing is centralised to eliminate any risk of new customer insolvency.
You have at your disposal both technical and professional support, as well as updates from prestigious experts and the opportunity for high-level meetings in any region of the world.
The network staff are always there to assist you in all possible areas (including your travel, interpreting and technical needs as well as diplomatic relations).


The management platform constantly monitors the status of the work and the fees charged. The ethics committee is responsible for resolving any questions concerning possible conflicts of interest, incompatibility problems and the conformity of services rendered based on the quote accepted by the client. The customer has direct access to progress reports through the management platform.

Members are selected from those enrolled in professional orders according to qualification which must be legally recognized in the country of residence and / or headquarters of the activity if different. Members with prestigious and recognized curricula, such as managers or academics, are also accepted. Young professionals that are not yet qualified can be aggregated to the professional staff by specific request or need, with the possibility to complete their training alongside qualified professionals.

The professional sectors are all those included in the professional qualification orders. These refer to the countries in which the activity is carried out, in addition to the managerial and technical skills in each industrial, commercial and advanced services sector.

The network staff will send the customer request to you and we will support you in establishing the appropriate intervention and quote. Once these have been accepted by the customer and the work has commenced, you will directly support the customer under our quality control.

Professionals from all over the world are welcome: our strength also lies in our widespread presence in territories across the world.

You will need to submit your credentials in the area reserved for applications and follow the guided procedure for signing the membership contract.

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