In normal circumstances, we offer a programme of training courses and live updates in different cities which our members are invited to join. This programme will be re-arranged as soon as travel conditions can be restored to total safety. This year, all training events will be held via webinars for members only, according to a new calendar which will be published soon. The research and documentation center remains at members’ permanent disposition, to support scientific studies as required.


China’s Continued Reforms in a New Era

This book studies the new economic and financial reforms China is adopting to advance its economy, and the policies behind the Chinese Outbound Direct Investment (ODI). It also aims to illustrate the impact of China’s reforms on Chinese Outward Investments, and the Internationalization of the RMB.


E-Commerce Law in China

This book explains the functioning of e-commerce in China with a detailed analysis of the legal framework governing it with a comparison with the European model (By Wolters Kluwer Law & Business).

China’s Belt and Road

This book provides an organized introduction to the One Belt One Road (OBOR) Initiative, which is more popularly known as “The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This Initiative is not easy to define because it encompasses a wide array of issues. The Initiative is large and still growing, with more facets and implication than can be easily summarized or explained.