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To perform well globally, you need an edge locally. Succeeding in today’s ever-changing global marketplace requires an in-depth understanding of local cultures, economies, laws, governments, trends and business climates to be able to anticipate and quickly react to market changes.
THE PEN member firms are territory experts and market leaders in their area. Each has a broad knowledge and understanding of their respective markets – from how they first developed, to their specific traits, rules and regulations.

THE PEN member firms work coherently and efficiently together across borders. Throughthe mobilization of cross-border teams, they are able to use their combined local insights to rapidly understand both your opportunities and your challenges.

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The PEN has created a reserved area within the web system and access allows access to the media as telematic supports; a mobile APP is freely available for both Android® and iOS®.
Every day the staff of the PEN works to keep updated and increase the facilities of the telematic services
Contact Management
Corporate Management
Task Management
Out of The Box Reports
Fully Manageable Setup
Hearings Management
Smart Notification Scheme
Smart Notification
Easy Calendaring
A Built-in Accounting Module
A Built-in Accounting
Advanced Document Management System
Advanced Document
    Management System
We are imagining an efficient network of professionals in different fields, who need to compete with this new 4.0 world without changing their vocations, but helped to make more complex services with the help of colleagues in every part of the world and exploiting new technologies.


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